Gianmarco de Pieri: From the Socialism to the Commons? Issues and Feedbacks from Struggles in Italy

Paper abstract –

The aims of the paper are:

        to introduce conceptions of the new commons theory. Ostrom’s governing the commons will be compared with significant ideas of the Italian Theory as well as with some historical experiences highlighted by post-colonial studies.

        to map struggles for (and on) the commons in Italy during the last two years (public water, environmental resources – movements against the so called big public works -, public spaces, self-managed theatres included) and some trends occurred in the Gezi park and in other crucial mobilizations in 2013.

So the roadmap for the “common goods constituent commission” chaired by prof. Stefano Rodotà will be presented.

        to conceptualize the news of the commons paradigm on rethinking the material and immaterial goods under a “no property system” (neither private nor public) and without any direct state management.

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