Barbara Allen: A Role for Cooperatives in Managing and Governing Common Pool Resources and Common Property Systems

The concept “polycentricity” stands as a foundation for the theory, empirical studies, and practical applications of ideas that have come out of works by Vincent Ostrom, Elinor Ostrom, and their colleagues at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis. Self-governance is the basic value and principle in their writings. Vincent Ostrom theorized and Elinor Ostrom demonstrated that the particular form of “rule ordered relations”– in short, institutions– which was perhaps most conducive to self-governance could be described as many “centers” of semi-autonomous, concurrent authorities–polycentric institutional designs. I wrote the following paper as a response to ideas voiced in Imagine 2012, an international conference on cooperative economics. It will appear in the forthcoming volume, The Economics of Cooperation, edited by Sonja Novkovic and Tom Webb and published by Zed Books. Please click here


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